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Backyard Monsters for Facebook 3: Guide for advanced attack and defense strategy, cheats, tips, tricks

Backyard Monsters is a very popular Facebook game in which you build a heavily armored yard, loaded with resource harvesters and silos, all for the purposes of building up a ton of loot, building more buildings, gaining levels, and using an army of monsters to loot other people's yards, raiding them, destroying their buildings, and building levels and resources, and growing even more and more powerful. Sound fun? It is, but it can also be quite difficult and frustrating, leaving both beginner and advanced players looking for ways to more efficiently and properly annihilate opposing players' bases and try to stop other more advanced players' attacks. For advanced players in particular, because of much tougher monsters and defenses, it can be tough. But read on for some advanced battle strategies, as well as base defense strategies...
Attack strategies: Early on in the game, all you need in order to loot lots of resources, is a combination of Pokeys and Octo-oozes. The way to do it is simple: first, send in your Octo-oozes to draw the fire of the defensive towers on your enemy's base. Don't send them all in at once - send them in a little bit at a time, in strategic locations around your enemy's backyard, so that they will go after the defensive towers that are close to the buildings which contain resources. Then, after you send in the Octo-oozes, send in the Pokeys as close to the silos and harvesters as you can get them. The Pokeys do a high amount of damage, and thus loot a high amount of resources.
Later in the game, as you start to unlock more monsters, you can change the strategy up, using the same basic premise, but applying it to more advanced monsters. For example, send in a bunch of Ichi the way you used to send in Octo-ooze, but use them to not just soak up firepower from defensive towers, but to do more damage and destroy said defensive towers. As well, later on you'll be dealing with backyards with more walls blocking off the buildings that are worthwhile. If you want to combat this, send in a few Eye-ra to destroy the walls - they will usually smash walls in one shot.
Even better, if you want to go from attack to attack at a faster pace by having more and more monsters, simply send in a round of Ichi to smoke off all of the opposing towers, and then fire off a massive amount of Pokey (which, despite being the original monster in your reportoire, are still an excellent monster to use in raids because they take up very little space in your monster housing, can be created quickly without using much goo, and can be sent into battle in absolutely MASSIVE numbers, thereby making them worth as much as a stronger monster due to the numbers alone).
When you totally destroy a building on an opposing player's yard, pay attention to the final number that pops up after you do the last bit of damage. This big number, is the amount of experience you have earned for destroying the building. Even though a town hall doesn't give anything in the way of resources, destroying an opposing player's town hall will LOAD you up with experience points, so if you want to gain levels rapidly, aiming for opposing players' town halls is a smart strategy.

Defensive strategies:
The first and most obvious defensive strategy is to build the maximum amount of towers that you're able to (this number increases each time you upgrade the town hall), and to upgrade them as high as practical. Make sure, as well, that these towers are next to the buildings you most want to protect (the harvesters, the storage silos, and the town hall). Too many people build their defensive towers near non-essential buildings, such as monster lockers and general stores. So build your silos and harvesters with as many surrounding defensive towers as possible.
Try to build all of your non-essential, no-resource, quick-fix buildings on one side of your base, and then your resources on the other side of the base. Put your town hall in with your resource buildings, since it takes forever to fix, even though it has no resources. Surround your important buildings with defensive towers. Save a few defensive towers here and there for the non-essential buildings, but the vast majority of them should protect your essential buildings.
But on top of that, also, later in the game, you will need to build defensive blocks in order to really keep people away from your essential buildings. Since you only have a limited number of defensive blocks you can use, it is important to group your essential buildings (harvesters, storage silos, town hall) together and make sure that they are the ones that are the most surrounded by blocks. Too many people block off only the town hall, and even the monster locker, but neither of those are as lucrative to an attacker as buildings which contain resources. Not only will walls protect your resources, but they will also make your base less worth attacking, increasing the likelyhood of other players who might attack your base, simply choosing to ignore your base and attack other bases.
Don't let any holes in your wall stay open, because even if you have a lot of wall built, monsters will still simply sneak through the holes and attack what's inside. One exception, though: leave holes open as bait if you plan to put either a stack of booby traps in or near the hole, or you plan to put a powerful, close range defensive tower (such as a Tesla tower) close to the hole. In this case, leaving one or two holes near your tower can serve as a force multiplier, defensively. One way to make fast kills is to leave a fake 'open area' near some resource buildings, but hide booby traps near those buildings. Other players will see the open area and fire off a whole brigade of Pokeys, expecting an easy loot fest. But they will by disappointed when they loot very little in the way of resources because of your booby traps. Even better, put a few level 5 or 6 long range sniper towers in range of the supposed 'open area' for easy kills.
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