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Shocking Ways to Make Money Online when Jobless!

Being jobless doesn’t mean that you are useless too. For sure, you are NOT! These days when see the real-world opportunities getting saturated for the fresh graduates especially, there is an emerging field on online earning which is been availed by a majority of people these days, in some way or the other. If you are not happy with your current job or even not able to get a hold of one, here are some easy, yet worth following ways to make money online when jobless. These ways work like magic, turning into an online businessman who may own a huge online empire if things work in their best way.
Here are 5 Effective ways through which you can make money online when jobless!
1) Start Blogging!
Blogging has turned into one of the most reputed online businesses currently where people are taking deep interest learning its mechanism. All you need to start your blog is to study a little about the fundamentals of blogging which includes domain selection, blog templates, SEO techniques and tricks to attract readers by promoting your blog on different platforms.
Once you are done with the study phase, all you need to do is to build a blog that suits the niche you have chosen for your blog. It is really immature to expect great results from the very first day. With your consistency and quality content, the traffic slowly starts getting attracted which takes about 6-7 months and more than a year in worst cases.
Once you realize that your blog is visited by readers regularly then this is the right time to apply for AdSense. If you did your homework initially and learnt about SEO techniques, there is no reason that your AdSense won’t get approved.
Google AdSense pays you for the space you offer Google to place advertisements on your blog and you are paid for ppc (Pay per click). There are many blogs that earn huge through this only.
2) Become a Frelancer!
If you have graduated from a business or engineering university and looking for more technical or appropriate way to cash your talent and skills that you learnt from your studies, you can always turn into an entrepreneur by becoming a freelancer.
There are a hundreds of freelancing sites that helps you getting contracts that pay you pretty well for your services. All you need to do here is to get your hands on a decent and trustworthy freelancing website and get registered on it.
Once done with registration, update your profile and start hunting for offers that suit you the best. Submit your proposals everywhere and once you get a client who wants your services, you need to sound like a professional.
There are people I know who are earning their livings with sites likeFreelancer.com.
3) Filling Surveys!
If you are looking for some easy ways to make money online when jobless, then filling online surveys for sites that need people to do so is an easy thing. There are companies which want to know about their products and for that they offer a good package to survey sites that take feedback on their behalf. Such sites need people like you to work for them online and in return share some percent of the package been offered by the companies.
Note: Read more about 10 best online survey sites.
4) Manager Facebook Fan Pages!
This is the easiest of all and it seriously pays you more as compared to the efforts needed. I have been making a good money with it lately and therefore know that if you are jobless or a by person who is looking for some additional income, you can make money by managing Facebook fan pages by becoming content sharer. Try messaging the famous pages and tell them about your interest. They might turn back to you with a package of posting some content n Fan page in return of some dollars.
5) Write Articles!
Words can be of great use if you know how to mold them effectively. There are no doubts that the e-business is all about the words been written, and if you think you have an ability to write, you can surely earn your livings with it. There are sites like hubpages, ezinearticles, squidoo and wiki-how that pay their writers pretty well. Try offering them your writing skills and get facilitated in return.
Being at home and working from your living room or couch is surely one of the most amazing ways to make money online when jobless. It at least keeps you busy and motivated, keeping you away from the trauma that is always a by-product of being jobless

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2014 Download

Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 free download for Microsoft windows. Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 is most powerful antivirus software that provides best available protection, security and safety to its consumers. Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft windows. It provides unbreakable shield protection that prevents user data, information and privacy from hackers, seekers and other dangerous trackers. Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 is all in one PC protection software suite that provides protection against viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans, worms, auto-runs, root-kits, suspicious and malicious tools and more. McAfee Stringer is best smart tool to detect specific threats.

Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 provides real time and permanent protection against any of dangerous threats that may harm your data, information, privacy, credentials and other personal information. Quick heal antivirus pro uses best antivirus protection technology with providing easy and simple interface to its consumers. Quick heal antivirus pro ensures to provide complete protection without hanging or slowing down the system performance. Avast pro antivirus 2014 may slows down the system speed. It has cloud based real time protection that prevents the browser to open malware/spyware infected websites. Quick heal antivirus pro provides email filtration to avoid spam and phishing emails from reaching your inbox.

Fast Scanning:

Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 allows its consumer to start a custom scan or allow the quick heal antivirus to take its action. Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 includes fastest scanning technologies that will also save user's valuable time. The advanced core protection of Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 is simple and easy because it can be used with taking simple steps. Faster scanning of local hard drives individually or scan a computer completely will reduce the chances of infection with taking less time than any other antivirus software.

Online Web Protection:

Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 provides online web protection with scanning and monitoring every single web page for malicious and suspicious threats. Online web protection will stays the user computer, information, privacy and credential safe from hackers, seekers and other dangerous attacks. Online shield will defends you against malware, spyware and other online root kits as well. Kaspersky antivirus 2014 is best online protection tool and antivirus as well.

USB Flash Drive Protection:

Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 will automatically detect and scan infected worms and threats as well. Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 will monitors external drives, USB flash drives, SD memory cards, mobile phones and other removable media devices and blocks the auto-run infection immediately without user permissions. Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 will stays your computer safe from any external USB flash drive and memory card as well. ESET NOD 32 Antivirus is perfect for removable media scanning.

Email Protection:

Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 will monitors the email with filtration of phishing and spamming. Every email will be scanned and monitored with Quick heal antivirus pro 2014 email protection technology. It will also blocks phishing and spam emails from reaching to your email inbox.

Application Details

Size: 505 KB
Version: 14.0
License: Shareware
Platform: Windows
System Type: X86 (32-bit) + X64 (64-bit)
Developer: QuickHeal

Download Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2014

Win Petrol Software, Save Your Data Save Your Computer

Dear Friends Many time You Install New Windows in your System Computer OR Laptop and you Install a lot of Important OR Un-Important Software in your System Without Seeing that these Softwares Can Damage Your Windows OR Due to the Installation of these kind of Softwares Your Window might be Crypted.So Now No need to be Worry about this Serious Issue beucase Now in this Article We are Sharing With You a Great & Handsome Software Which Can take only few MB Space in your Hard Drive and then after the Instllation of this Software in your System all Softwares and Programms will be managed by this Software Namely 'Win Petrol '.This Software will also Enhace Your Windows Life Time & Speed.So Please Follow the Below Article in Urdu & Hindi to Learn this Tpoic Completely.Please Share this Informative Article With Your Friends & Network to Spread the Knowledge of Information Technology in Our Beloved Country Pakistan.Many Blessings to all of you my Sweet & Beloved Readers.

Yahoo Mail Hacked, User Passwords Stolen

Yahoo said it regrets that Yahoo Mail has been hacked and wants to assure Yahoo Mail users that the company takes the security of consumer data very seriously. In the wake of the hack on Yahoo Mail, the firm is urging users to adopt better password practices by changing their passwords regularly and using variations of symbols and characters.

After major e-mail woes in December, Yahoo is now getting hit with another massive problem. Yahoo Mail has been hacked. Jay Rossiter, senior vice president of Platforms and Personalization Products at Yahoo, confirmed the hack on the firm’s Tumblr blog.

“Security attacks are unfortunately becoming a more regular occurrence. Recently, we identified a coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts,” he said. “Upon discovery, we took immediate action to protect our users, prompting them to reset passwords on impacted accounts.”

Based on Yahoo’s current findings, Rossiter said the list of usernames and passwords that were used to execute theattack Relevant Products/Services was likely collected from a third-party database compromise.

What Is Yahoo Doing?
“We have no evidence that they were obtained directly from Yahoo’s systems. Our ongoing investigation shows that malicious computer Relevant Products/Services software used the list of usernames and passwords to access Yahoo Mail accounts,” Rossiter said. “The information sought in the attack seems to be names and e-mail addresses from the affected accounts’ most recent sent e-mails.”
Rossiter then outlined what Yahoo is doing to protect Mail users. First, the company is resetting passwords on impacted accounts and using second sign-in verification to allow users to re-secure their accounts. Rossiter said impacted users will be prompted to change their passwords and may receive an e-mail notification or an SMS text if they have added a mobile Relevant Products/Servicesnumber to their accounts.

Yahoo is also working with federal law enforcement to find and prosecute the perpetrators responsible for this attack. He said the company has implemented additional measures to block attacks against Yahoo’s systems.

Keeping E-mail Accounts Secure
“In addition to adopting better password practices by changing your password regularly and using different variations of symbols and characters, users should never use the same password on multiple sites or services,” Rossiter said. “Using the same password on multiple sites or services makes users particularly vulnerable to these types of attacks.”

Rossiter concluded by saying he regrets this has happened and wants to assure Yahoo Mail users that company takes the security of consumer data Relevant Products/Services very seriously. In December, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer personally apologized for a Yahoo Mail outage: “This has been a very frustrating week for our users and we are very sorry.”

“We will continue to work on rolling out IMAP access and to fully restore inbox state (for example, which folders messages were placed in, which messages were starred, etc). This process differs for each user and as restoration continues, we’re committing to communicating directly with you on progress on an individual basis,” she said.

“Above all else, we’re going to be working hard on improvements to prevent issues like this in the future. While our overall uptime is well above 99.9%, even accounting for this incident, we really let you down this week,” she said at the time.

Source: Top Tech News