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LibertaGia World Best Online MLM System

What's the Bronze, The Free Box?

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Free members make a minimum of $60 monthly by doing daily tasks. Imagine you start right now, guided by those free $60 monthly. As a bronze member you earn 1% of your whole network’s earnings. That means if you have 10 referrals in your network (in all 6 levels together), and they earn 10 x $60 = $600, then you get 1% of that, which is $6. if you have 10 referrals in your network and they reffed 10 members & they reffed 10 & so on up to 6th level .example your team is 4000 and their earning is 4000x60$=240000$ and your earning 1% is 2400$.this is the power of network so send your referral link to your your friends . and tell about libertagia .Thanks


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