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Yahoo Search BOSS Documentation Released to Developers

Last month, Yahoo announced pricing info and search advertising/branding policies for the upcoming version of Yahoo Search BOSS, which is expected to be released this summer. Now, the company has released the technical documentation for developers.

The documentation includes info on using OAuth with the new API, Syntax specs on querying the API and the format of the returned results, and for calling ads from the platform, as well as the markets that are supported by the product.

Markets include 40 countries in various native languages. The full list can be found in this section of the documentation. Here's what the pricing chart looks like:

"BOSS has always been and will be about developers," wrote the BOSS team's Rahul Hampole. "Our goal is to provide a product that allows you to build sustainable businesses via interesting cloud based search technology at a fair cost. In addition, we encourage BOSS developers to monetize your products using Yahoo! Search advertising – this will enable a long-term, symbiotic relationship between developers, consumers and Yahoo! Our pricing scheme is designed to reflect our belief in this ecosystem."

When Yahoo switched to Bing as a back-end search results provider, a lot of questions were up in the air with regards to BOSS, as well as Yahoo's other developer search tool, SearchMonkey. Ultimately, Yahoo decided to ditch SearchMonkey and Keep BOSS.

There is of course a fair amount of conversation about the BOSS documentation in the Yahoo Search BOSS Yahoo Group


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