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Apple Acknowledges Verizon iPad Connectivity Problems

Apple iPad 2 3G Teardown
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Those lucky enough to score a CDMA version of the iPad 2 for use with Verizon Wireless's network have flooded Apple Support forums with complaints about the device's wireless performance. Specifically, they report that their iPad 2s need to be fully rebooted in order to go from Wi-Fi mode to Wi-Fi+3G mode. Though the reboot solves the immediate connectivity issue, it is an annoying process that takes several minutes to overcome each time it happens.
"I have an iPad 2 WiFi + 3G Verizon (64GB). I noticed the same 3G problem within days of buying it (as soon as I tried to activate Verizon 3G data). I have consulted AppleCare and the 'geniuses' at the local Apple Store. No fix so far. The Apple store told me that they can replace my iPad with another Verizon iPad, but I will likely have the same issue (hmmm...so much for Apple saying that this is impacting a small number of customers).
This is really a pain for those that travel, commute, or use the iPad outside of their home Wi-Fi environment and depend on 3G data -- which is probably a lot of people that bought the 3G iPad 2. I am hoping Apple comes up with a solution soon, either software or hardware."

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Another Verizon iPad 2 user quipped, "Never thought I'd be sorry I left AT&T."
Apple issued a statement regarding the matter, and said, "We are aware that a small number of iPad 2 customers have experienced connectivity issues with the Verizon 3G network and we are investigating it." Apple didn't say more than that.
Verizon-compatible iPad 2 owners who are experiencing this problem should return/exchange their device if they are in the initial 14-day period of ownership. These returns/exchanges would be covered under Apple's normal sales policies. Verizon Wireless hasn't said if it is mirroring Apple's 14-day return period, or its own 30-day return period. Verizon iPad 2 owners who are between the 14- and 30-day mark should give Verizon Wireless a call to see about making an exchange.
The problem does not appear to be affecting the AT&T or Wi-Fi variants of the iPad 2.
A separate report Monday claims that iOS 4.3.2, which should be available within a few weeks, will solve the connectivity problems. The update is also reported to patch a glitch in the FaceTime software, plug some security holes, and eradicate several other bugs. Apple has not confirmed this report.


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