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Windows 8 To Have An App Store?

The uncountable number of app marketplaces means extreme competition between companies trying to sell their software or games. We have only recently seen the appearance of the Mac App Store allowing Apple Mac users to purchase applications in one place. Reports have speculated stating that Microsoft will in fact be implementing a feature into Windows 8 allowing users to purchase and download apps. These screenshots have been taken from an early build of the much-anticipated operating system, indicating the potential validity of the reported claim.

 Originally posted by WayBeta, this collection of screenshots show us the familiar user-interface with many popular first and third party applications, including Angry Birds and Microsoft Office. This application portal, rumoured to be called “App Store”, will be solidly integrated with the rest of the OS.
The main task that Microsoft will have to pursue is convincing consumers that they will need this app store. Up until now, most programs have been available in physical stores. Convincing software developers to jump on the bandwagon will be difficult, but Microsoft claim that the App Store will help application developers get their software out to a larger audience.
Apple submitted a request to trademark the name “App Store” back in 2008, when the their App Store was first brought out. Microsoft are claiming that this term is too generic and all companies should be allowed to use this name.

Microsoft are to begin beta testing for their next-generation operating system in the near future, Windows 8 will likely be fully released in 2012.


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