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Samsung EX1 camera

Samsung EX1

REVIEW: When it comes to cameras, I go for the cheerful point-and-poke variety. The most recent camera I bought was an $88 Samsung from a chain store (and to be honest, the photos aren't that great; you get what you pay for). The camera before that was, funnily enough, also a Samsung.
So, you could say I've got a bit of a relationship with Samsung cameras - and the EX1 is the best Samsung camera I've used.
I'm not a photographer by any means so I'll rattle off some of the EX1's specifications (many of which mean nothing to me): it has a 24mm wide-angle Schneider- Kreuznach lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.8, a DRIMe III imaging processor, it's 10-mega pixels, has a 3-inch AMOLED rotating view screen and a high- sensitivity CCD sensor, an HDMI output, a 3 x optical zoom and dual image stabilisation plus face recognition, blink detection, smile shot . . . and makes a cup of coffee when it's done (I made that last one up, but the EX1 does so much stuff).

My wife used the EX1 extensively during a weekend in Blenheim in April where she was the official Team Campbell photographer, taking snaps of me riding in the 101km Forrest Wines GrapeRide cycle event. The image quality impressed the pants off us: they were of good enough quality to be used with the newspaper story I did on the GrapeRide. The photos were vivid, in focus (thanks to the great autofocus mode) and detailed (there was no loss of resolution when upscaled in photo editing software).
The EX1 feels comfortable to hold in the hands, too: not too heavy, not too light, and a welcome addition was that the view screen rotates, so you can either have it extended from the body of the camera - like with a video camera - or housed in the back of the camera's body itself. It's versatile and functional and negates the need for a traditional viewfinder.
For photographers who like to muck about with manual settings the EX1 has enough to keep them happy with a number of manual functions, but for family snapshot takers like us, the EX1's automatic settings suited us down to the ground. It meant we could take photos without too much faffing about.
I'm impressed with Samsung's EX1 camera. It's reasonably priced, does an excellent job and looks the part.


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