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Top 5 Facebook Games

If you've been on Facebook for any length of time, you've probably been poked, Superpoked, had a sheep thrown at you, received a round of drinks or been bitten by a vampire. These viral applications entertained us for a while, but now Facebook has created new ways for users to waste time at work and school -- social gaming.

1. Texas HoldEm Poker

Boasting more than 12 million monthly users, Texas HoldEm is currently the most popular game on Facebook. The concept is simple -- online poker. What makes it different on Facebook? Again, you can play with your Facebook friends or choose to go up against complete strangers. Each day when you log in to the game, you get free poker chips to get you started.

2: Pet Society

Pet Society is another virtual world game, aimed at both kids and adults. With nearly 11 million monthly users, it's a big favorite on Facebook [source: Inside Social Games]. When you first log in to Pet Society, you create a custom pet. You choose how it looks, from its fur color to the color of its eyes. Then you name it and continue on to the game. Your pet has its own house, which you can decorate yourself. As with YoVille, only certain accessories are open to you at first. You unlock fancier items by advancing in the game.

3: Mafia Wars 

You may have noticed postings like this one on your friends' walls, "Pete Smith has requested help against a Rival Family in Mafia Wars," and wondered what the heck was going on. It's Mafia Wars, a social game with more than 9.6 million monthly users [source: Inside Social Games]. The object of Mafia Wars is to work your way up to Godfather by performing tasks and getting your friends to play the game.

4: Lil Green Patch

There's really no strategy to Lil Green Patch. You just plant things in your garden and send friends things to plant in theirs, hoping they'll return the favor. Supposedly, for every 10 friends you send a plant, you'll save one square foot of rainforest. The donations are possible through advertising dollars. The more plants you send, the more people you get to sign up and that means more eyes on the ads.

5: YoVille

YoVille is a virtual world for teens and adults, and it has 5.5 million Facebook users per month. You build yourself an avatar, usually one that somewhat resembles you (except that it has a giant head and a tiny body). At first, your character has a limited amount of clothes and accessories it can wear. That'll change as you accrue virtual money.
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