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Samsung Introduces ChatOn Messenger, Does an Infographic

Samsung has announced its very own cross-platform messaging service called Ch@tOn, which would go up against the likes of Apple’s iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp and others. However, unlike the BBM or iMessage, Ch@tOn will be available for various platforms, including feature phones and smartphones.
It will come to more than 120 countries and support up to 62 languages. The company has mentioned that a PC/Tablet client is in works and would be demoed at IFA 2011. Feature phone users will be able to share text, pictures and calendars from an easy-to-access client. Smartphone users will enjoy more features, including Interaction Rank and the ability to comment on their friends profile pages.
Ch@tOn will also users to have one to one conversations, send group messages or have a group chat and share images, videos, voice messages and contacts over various platforms. The Korean smartphone manufacturer has announced that it will gradually be available for various smartphones, laptops and tablet. It would be showcased at IFA 2011.
One more thing we have recently noticed is that Samsung has done yet another infographic this time to promote the new Ch@tOn service. Previously, they did one explaining the naming scheme for their Galaxy smartphones.



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