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Youtube Video Downloaders Software

youtube video download
So many exciting video sites are available in Internet that offer, not only for movies or music, very useful educational tutorials in almost any subject as you can imagine. There are a number ways and web services that make it much easier for downloading your favorite video files from YouTube and other video streaming sites-Metacafe, daily motion, Google video etc.Though there are numerous YouTube video downloader site that offer free software, but in this hub I will present only a few of them and if you come across any great Youtube video download software then please name it in the comment box of this hub.

YouTube Downloader

This free software is available at youtubedownloader.com and its best part is its very simple to handle. One you have installed this software on your computer, you just have to copy the YouTube video URL that you want to download, into this software’s URL section and choose the output format of the video and then click on the “Download” button-that is all. If anybody asks me for free YouTube video download software, I will recommend him to use this software in the first hand.


You can download this free YouTube downloader at www.vdownloader.com. With this free video downloading software, you can save videos on your PC from YouTube, Blip TV, Vimeo, Metacafe and some other sites. Additionally, you can convert the downloaded video to any format and transfer it to your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Android. This video downloader site is 100 percent free, safe and it runs well with any Windows system.
youtube video downloader
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YouTube catcher

This is one of the most easy to use software for downloading videos; even videos from MySpace can be downloaded. But I am not sure if currently they are free or offering any trial version. Whatsoever, you can pay a visit at youtubecatcher.com website.

Applian Technologies

Any video you wish to download is possible with their software. They have a fully functional 30-day trial version called replay media cather. You can use it to capture YouTube video for free. Site address: applian.com/replay-media-catcher/demo.php. This free software comes with Firefox extension that will let your Firefox toolbar to facilitate downloading feature.


By completing a survey, you can get access to use their YouTube video downloading facility-this access remains valid for only 14 days. No problems, in 14 days you can download hundreds of videos!
They have both video downloading and free video file conversion facility for IPod, PSP and cell phone. This is must site for video conversation and free video download lovers. For downloading their free tools you can take a look at:download.leechvideo.com and for video file conversion:download.leechvideo.com/convert.html
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This is another great to watch out for download YouTube video, and any other high quality video from any site including social media sites. Usually they are available at: keep-tube.com


To get their free downloading software service just visit at download.uzeik.net/eng.php. For downloading YouTube video, at first you need to get the source code of your YouTube video page, then you need to paste it into Uzeik site and just click the download. This software can download from - YouTube, MySpace, and Metacafe.But I found it a bit complicated, so it better to keep it in the last of your free video downloading software list.
I really don’t understand why ISO is not doing anything about the standardization of video file format-simply too many file formats, some are really useful, while some are having low audio/video compression quality. The same is true for media players as well-not enough file format conversion facility, I guess VLC player can be good option for running all type of files by a single player, yet there is a quality problem with VLC. For file format conversion, you can have a look at: zamzar.com, and vixy.net.
Free YouTube Video Downloader sites have a tendency to remain free for a few months and when they become popular they start charging for their software. If you want to buy a YouTube downloader then you can check out Tube Tilla HD; they also have a free version that you can try out before buying it.

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