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Top 10 Hedphones of 2012

How about a day without music? It’s almost impossible for a music lover like me. Headphones are the must have music gear for every music freak. Technology has entirely revolutionized the quality of music, so over the due course of this article we’ll be focusing on headphones with an excellent sound quality. There are plenty of headphones available in the market with variable connectivity options, cool-comfy designs and extra-ordinary technology. Some are interested in wireless headphones while some looks for wired storm trooper-white ear buds. But everyone seeks best sound quality be it a wireless or a wired headphone. So based upon this criteria, here are our best ten headphones.

Top 10 Best Headphones of 2012 are:

AKG K 350

The number one in our list is AKG K 350 which has extremely amazing high quality sound. Apart from its excellent sound quality, it has inline microphone, volume control and compatible with almost every electronic gadget with 3.5mm audio jack including iPhone and Android Phones.

SoundMagic E30

SoundMagic is indeed a great name when we talk about sound gears. Sound magic E30 is second in our list which is capable of producing soothing bass sound under a $100 mark. This is the best headphone that you’ll get under a price tag of $100

Cresyn C720H
Cresyn C720H

A headphone is useless if it is unable to produce perfect sound quality even if it has amazing design. Cresyn C720H headphones may not be attractive at first sight but after listening to its acoustic high sound quality, you’ll fell for it. Moreover it’s a mid-budget headphone.

Phiaton PS 20 BT


Phiaton PS 20 BT is at number four in our list. It is wireless Bluetooth headphone and offers excellent audio transmission with deep bass sound and distortion less output even at a high volume.

SOL Republic Tracks
SOL Republic Tracks

SOL Republic Tracks offers a superior design along with superior sound quality. It offers detachable controller located around the mid-chest portion which makes it convenient to quickly control the ongoing tracks. Apart from this it is fully compatible with iDevices and Android devices.

AKG K 490 NC

Number six in our list is again from AKG. It has a simple design but amazing clear sound. It offers noise cancellation feature which brings pure soothing sound quality to listener hears

Klipsch Image ONE Headphone

Next in our list is from Klipsch. Klipsch Image One headphone has classic design but it’s unbeatable in terms of sound quality. The overall design gives a classic feel as outer panel of this headphone is made up of pure leather. You can easily hang it on your head for a long time as it is extremely comfortable.

Soul by Ludacris SL99

The next headphone in our list is inspired from famous rapper Ludacris and that’s why it is also named as Ludacris SL99. It’s a second generation headphone which offers rich bass and tweaked frequencies. It’s very popular among people who love R&B tracks and hip-hop music.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Headphones are also very popular among gaming freaks, so next in our list is a wireless gaming headset from Logitech. Logitech Gaming Headset G930 can be a grateful while playing online games. It is wireless so you don’t have to care about wires.  You can even communicate via Skype using this headphone.

Sennheiser HD800

We are not disappointing Sennheiser fans as next and last in our list is Sennheiser’s exquisite HD800s. It offers unbeatable sound quality and stunning design. Listening to it sounds like listening to full-size speakers.

Source: Bleepingtech 


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