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15+ Best In-Text Advertising Programs Compared

In-text advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific keywords within the text of a web-page are matched with advertising and/or related information units. (via Wikipedia). It is one of the major income sources of many bloggers, most of them make money through this. Almost all the text ads are on pay per click basis (PPC) and the publisher gets paid for every click.
But I do agree, several people won’t love text in ads, but they still rule the blogosphere. Open your favorite blogs, and they will have them too! ;)
Not having Adsense Account? Maybe you can try this,
Below I mentioned some 15+ Best In-Text Advertising Programs with their minimum payment and payout details. Share & RT them if you like it.

#1 Infolinks :

InfolinksEach time your website visitors click on an Infolinks In Text ad, you get paid. The more clicks your In Text ads receive, the more revenue you earn.
Therefore, to maximize your earnings, it’s best to integrate Infolinks into all your viewed web pages – making certain to utilize all of the customization options available to you to optimize the user experience and maximize your revenues.
Minimum Payout : 50$
PayPal Options : Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard® (powered by Payoneer), PayPal, bank wire transfer or ACH.

#2 Kontera :

KonteraKontera’s patented Story-Level Targeting delivers unmatched user-experience & results. Set up takes a minute. Easy-to-install plugins for popular blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla & Drupal make implementation a breeze.
It enhances consumer experience through superior phrase relevance, driving increased user interaction, unparalleled campaign performance for advertisers, and substantial revenue for publishers.
Minimum Payout : 50$
PayPal Options : PayPal

#3 – MageNet

MageNetTrough MageNet you can sell text links on every page of your website and get ~ $1,000 / month from link sales.
You can set your own prices for links and each month you’ll receive automatic payments via PayPal (or other system) with no fees.
Selling links through MageNet is convenient and absolutely safe since it does NOT violate Google policy or any other policies or guidelines. You have complete control over each sold backlink.
Minimum Payout: $50
PayPal Options: PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Payoneer, WebMoney or any other system, through which you can receive payment.

#4 Clicksor :

ClicksorClicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn more income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text (inline text links) or displaying targeted contextual ads (various sizes of banners) on their websites or blogs.
Clicksor offers a referral program which pays out 10% of whatever a referred publisher earns or whatever a referred advertiser spends, for up to one year.
Minimum Payout : 50$
PayPal Options : Check, PayPal or Account Credit.

#5 Text-in-ads :

Text Link AdsThey have thousands of active advertisers looking for relevant advertisements to drive targeted traffic to their websites.
Once your site is approved, it will be added to their marketplace within 48 hours, at which time it will be ready for purchase. Get paid instantly on the 1st of each month with no fees
Earn additional money by placing an affiliate link to TLA on your website.
Minimum Payout : 25$ for Text-Link-Ads Prepaid MasterCard®; No minimum for PayPal payments or TLA voucher payments.
PayPal Options : Check, PayPal, Payoneer, or TLA voucher.

#6 TNX :

TNXYou’ll be able to sell links on every page of your website, instead of just the main page. The price for each link is calculated automatically.
It mostly depends on Google PageRank (PR) of each page, website category, link popularity, and number of outbound links. Easy code installation using “copy-paste” method.
TNX comission is just 12.5% from each party involved in transaction.
Minimum Payout : 50$
PayPal Options : PayPal, Webmoney, Check or Wire Transfer.

#7 teliad :

TeliadAt teliad you can offer your domains and URLs in many different languages.
A distinction is made between text links and post links on our marketplace.
Many different variants of text links can be offered, for example, placement in the content area, header, right column or footer.
Post links are deliberately targeted at blog users or news pages.
Minimum Payout : It depends.
PayPal Options : PayPal and Check.

#8 MyLinkPage :

MyLinkPageAt MyLinkPage.com – Text Link Page Advertising, you can easily Buy Links and Sell Links.
Don’t over-pay for text link ads, cut out the middle man at mylinkpage.
This one is different from other in text advertising.
Here you have to add to the cart and further move with the links and stuffs. Direct approach will be made I believe.
Minimum Payout : It depends.
PayPal Options :PayPal.

#9 TextLinkBrokers :

TextLinkBrokersYour site’s value is determined by PageRank (PR), the number of Yahoo! Backlinks and other stats.
These stats are different for different versions of your URL.
Please check with and without the ‘www’
(Example: http://www.yoursite.com and http://yoursite.com) before submitting to find the most valuable version.
Minimum Payout : No min.
PayPal Options : PayPal.

#10 Linkadage :

LinkAdageYou receive 50% of the prices you set for your web pages.
In addition, you are paid per text link and you decide how many text links you want to sell on a web page.
For example, if you have a quality web page and you decide you want to sell text links on it for $10 per month each and you sell 15 text links, the total revenue would be $150 per month and you would receive $75 per month.
Minimum Payout : It depends.
PayPal Options : PayPal and Check.

#11 Vibrant Media :

VibrantVibrant In-Text Advertising is a 100% user-controlled.
It allows the user to view advertising only when they choose to move their mouse over a relevant word of interest.
Vibrant In-Text Ads allow some of the worlds’ most premium & recognized publishers to expand advertising real-estate and revenue without adding more clutter.
Minimum Payout : 50$
PayPal Options : Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard® (powered by Payoneer), PayPal, bank wire transfer or ACH.

#12 Be Context :

BeContextAll payments are made bi-weekly, usually on the 1st and 15th of each month.
Please also note that payments are subject to a net 15 terms policy; which means that once you reach the minimum payout amount, you need to allow at least fifteen working days for payment to be issued.
It takes less than 3 minutes to get your first campaign set up with them.
Minimum Payout : 50$
PayPal Options : Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard® (powered by Payoneer), PayPal, bank wire transfer or ACH.

#13 Miva :

MivaTheir Publisher Network includes thousands of online properties ranging from search engines, content sites, parked domains and online directories. They have relationships with the industry’s most respected publishers, which enables us to monetize many kinds of traffic.
Bid Positions display the amount you need to bid in order to achieve a particular position. Statistics on click spend and average Cost-Per-Click ( CPC) are now displayed for each ad.
Minimum Payout : $25
PayPal Options : PayPal.

#14 BuiltinTEXT™ :

BuitinTextPayments are made on the 1st day of each month, or the first business day.
Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for the funds to arrive before requesting tracking information on wire transfers, direct deposits or check payments.
All money paid is for transactions that occurred prior to the current month you are being paid on.
Minimum Payout : 25$
Payout Options : Checks, direct deposit (Quebec, Canada Only), bank wires or Paypal.

#15 Sin Text :

SintextSintext’s innovative in-text advertising products maximize your website’s profit potential and give you the highest payouts in the industry!
Sintext provides two types of in-text advertising solutions.
They are traditional in-text keyword ads and their unique MicroBanner™ logo ads.
Minimum Payout : 50$
PayPal Options : PayPal and Check.

#16 In Topic :

InTopicThe amount of revenue your site generates depends on numerous factors.
But in general the more clicks you generate, the more revenue you will receive.
The factors that increase the amount of money you can make include the amount of traffic to your site, the frequency of keywords in your content and the profile of your site’s visitors.
Minimum Payout : 100$
PayPal Options : PayPal or Check.

#17 Triggit :

TriggitTriggit is a new in text advertising company it has managed to get into many bloggers and publishers attention.
Jeremy Shoemaker and TechCrunch have reviewed about it.
The best thing is, Triggit also allows you to add text content, youtube videos, Flikr pictures etc with no actual effort.
Though I haven’t seen Triggit on many sites, it is still good in terms of monetization.
Minimum Payout : It depends.
PayPal Options : PayPal or Check.

#18 – LinkWorth

LinkWorthLinkWorth is one of the web’s largest and most innovative marketing portals that caters to both Advertisers and Partners.
LinkWorth have a multitude of products and services to fill your every online marketing need.
LinkWorth’s products consist of text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission and many more.
Minimum Payout : It depends.
PayPal Options : Check, PayPal, direct deposit and Wire.

#19 – AdBrite

AdBriteThey serve over 528 million impressions a day on over 111,700 sites.
OTEx (Open Targeting Exchange) ensures your ad will benefit from leading edge targeting.
Use standard ad units, like banners and text ads, or try our unique Full Page Ad. You can create up to 100 different variations of your ad. They will try each variation, and show your better-performing ads more often.
Minimum Payout : $5.00
PayPal Options : Check.

#20 – Affinity

AffinityExclusive, customizable and easy to implement ad formats. Earn the largest piece of the pie – up to 95% revenue share. Proprietary technology. Work on a new age Publisher Console.
Smart commercial keyword highlights on your pages.
Precise targeting plus increased engagement drives up earnings and page value.
Non-intrusive. Perfect for content sites.
Minimum Payout : It depends.
PayPal Options : PayPal and Check.

#21 – Echotopic

echotopicEchoTopic automatically places text link advertisement within the content of your website.
Dynamically scanning the pages of your site, EchoTopic uncovers the most relevant topics and then matches them with advertisers.
EchoTopic’s publisher tools give you instant access to comprehensive reports and billing options. You can even use the white label application to sell text links directly on your own site
Minimum Payout : It depends
PayPal Options : All Major Payout Options.

Source: HellBound Bloggers (HBB)


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