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Mass Email Software For Internet Marketers

Starting a new business and want to keep your customers in the loop about future promotions, discounts or new launches through newsletters?
Wished that your NGO has a better channel to announce donation drives?
And is your organization looking for a software to efficiently send action requests to members?
Well, mass email software offers all kinds of features and benefits for those who are looking for a managed way to maintain a good communication relationship with your customers, members and subscribers.
Thereare free and premium mass email software and there are also freemium mass email software. But I wouldn’t advise getting purely free software. They had in the past been reported to be undependable and have fewer features. Think about it, many of these emails are blocked by spam filters and also the fact that many of these emails are trashed before they were read. So, wouldn’t you want a more reliable mass email software that can increase your chances of delivering to your recipients’ Inbox?

Thunder Mailer

Thunder Mailer is a mass email software developed and marketed by 100 Software (ThunderMailer.com), an established software developer in Malaysia.It is the latest of such software to hit the market and it is expected to be one of the most popular mass email software for small and medium size organizations.
Thunder Mailer
Why? Because it is packed with features and at the same time, is dynamic enough for all type of industry. Users can easily and in no time, create emails, newsletters, notifications, invitations, requests and greetings. The software also helps users manage subscribers list and most importantly, helps users track their email campaigns’ performance.
Let’s take a more detail look at some of its features.

Thunder Mailer Features

This mass email software has plenty of features, from the basic to the not-so-basic. They believe that Internet marketers, regardless of beginners and advanced users, should get as much help they can when conducting email marketing campaigns. Let’s have a look at some of the features and tools Thunder Mailer offers.
  • HTML and Text emails. Thunder Mailer provides users the choice of sending HTML emails (which allows formatting and images) and also plain text (which is readable by all email services).
  • WYSIWYG Message Editor. And when you want to send an HTML email, Thunder Mailer’s WYSIWYG Message Editor easily lets you add and edit your email. And you won’t need any knowledge in HTML coding either.
  • Re-use emails. Emails used for current marketing campaigns can be saved and re-used for similar future campaigns. Reduces the need to re-draft the email.
  • Email Personalization. Want to make your emails feel more personal like addressing recipients by their user name? Simply create and insert tags at where appropriate and you can have hundreds or thousands of personalized emails.
  • Unlimited email lists. You can create as many email lists as you wish, hence you can build mailing lists depending on the recipients’ characteristics e.g. demographic, preference etc.
  • Import existing email lists. You do not have to spend time re-creating existing lists as you can easily import them.
  • Test emails. Sometimes, you just want to send an email to yourself to check the formatting or view how the images look or see if the links work. Or perhaps you want to ensure that the email does not end up in the spam filter. Thunder Mailer’s “send test message” lets you do just that.
  • Filtering results. Over time, emails may get unsubscribed or become invalid. Therefore, in order to ensure valid emails for your current and future email campaigns, you would definitely want the ability to filter out “bad” emails like blocked, bounced, spam and unsubscribed emails.
  • Free version. There’s also a free version of Thunder Mailer that 100 Software generously made available for you. This version has all the features of the Pro version. The only difference is that it is limited to 100 emails at one time.
  • Lifetime technical support. Thunder Mailer understands the importance of having support. And so, even if you don’t pay monthly fees, they still offer their users free lifetime technical support via email.

Benefits of Thunder Mailer

What the benefits that you will get when you decide to install this mass emailer? With so many features, the benefits are abound. Here are just a few:
1. Affordable.
While mass email software are known as one of the cheapest marketing strategy available, some software are still above the budget of some small businesses.
For the time being, Thunder Mailer is being offered at $169 $69, which is most affordable considering the amount of features available. And to make it sweeter, 100 Software has decided to provide an additional 20% off from now till April 15, 2013. So, the software would cost you an all-time low of $55.20! Worth a check, if you ask me.
2. One-off Payment
You may have noticed that some mass email software like Aweber and iContact charges monthly fees depending on the number of subscribers you have. Fees can range from $10 to $19 per month for 250-500 subscribers.
While they may seem very much cheaper, it isn’t so in the long run. Note that Thunder Mailer charges a one-off cost and NOT monthly fees. So, regardless of the number of subscribers you have and will have, you don’t have to pay any additional / maintenance fees! However, it should be noted that some SMTP servers will charge for their service.
3. Easy-to-Use and Flexible
Thunder Mailer is very intuitive and thus, easy to use and navigate. The fact that it can be integrated with difference types of SMTP servers, allows it to serve organizations of different sizes. This is, in my opinion, the most attractive feature of this software.
For those who are on a tight budget and do not have many subscribers, you can always opt to send emails through free email providers like Gmail. Other larger organizations can choose to subscribe to premium SMTP servers like SendGrid for higher email frequency and better features.
4. Free Testing with No Time Limit Unsure of email blaster’s quality?
Well, you can always download the free version to try it out. The free version has all the features of the paid Pro version and comes without nag screen. The only limitation you have with the free version is that it is limited to 100 emails at one go. You can upgrade to the Pro version anytime you like.
Personally, I have tried them out recently and I find Thunder Mailer one of the easiest mass email software I have used so far. I had integrated Thunder Mailer with both the free Gmail as well as the premium SendGrid SMTP servers and I’m happy to note that Thunder Mailer works great with both. It’s entirely up to the users which they prefer. If it sounds like a good deal to you, that’s because it is! I definitely think so. So, do hop over to ThunderMailer.com and try them out.
Source: HellBound Bloggers (HBB)


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