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How You Can Make 200$ per Month with ProTypers?

You might have heard of many websites that pay for typing CAPTCHA in the given space. These websites are not spreading scams, actually it is used to digitize different books.

Earn Money with ProTypers

These websites will pay you more or less $1 per thousand words. This payment mayn't seem legit to you but I think it is enough for such kind of work. You just have to see the images and type the letters and numbers into the box. This is the easiest type job available on the internet.

ProTypers an Emerging site for CAPTCHA work

Recently, when I was checking different CAPTCHA based sites to tell you about the best one, I came across ProTypers. It has some different features which attracted me.

Cash, Payout ratePayout Rate

The work required from the workers is the same but the difference lies in the payment. It has different payout rates for each hour. When you login to to your account you are shown the rates for different hours and the current hour is highlighted. It pays from $0.65 to $1.35.

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Payment Type

ProTypers support PayPal, Western Union and Perfect Money. You can use any of these accounts to get paid. Until the start of this month Liberty Reserve was supported instead of Perfect Money but due to some reasons they had to drop it and get Perfect Money.


You can make upto $200 if you work on daily basis and give it proper time. You can take it both as a part time job or as a full time job. You will earn money depending on the time you spend on it. If you will give it fair enough time, it will give you fair enough pay.

Earn Money Online

How to Work For ProTypers?

Now if you think you can give enough time to this job you should signup for it.


The signup process is simple. You just need to have a PayPal, Western Union or Perfect Money account and an email address. The registration form looks like this:

Signup Registration Form

You have to provide them your details and set a password. But before signing up you have to check the box that says you will not use any third party software on this site and you the site check you authenticity through CAPTCHA.


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