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PTA launches application: Search for telecom operators in your region

Software unlikely to make customers switch telecom services: analyst.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) launched an application on Friday that allows users to check the availability of telecom services anywhere in the country.
This is the first application of its kind in the public sector of the country, according to PTA’s Public Relations Department.
The application named “Pakistan Telecommunication Coverage Footprint” is available on PTA’s website. The application shows a map that allows people to select different parameters such as the telecom operators whose reach they want to check in a specific area.
It also works for internet services such as DSL, Wi-Max and EV-DO, allowing people to check the availability of internet coverage in the country. Users can zoom in and plot the coverage of telecom services in a graphical format.

This would be one of the possible deciding factors for people who would be choosing a mobile carrier in different cities, said an analyst. People will now be checking if a cellular operator would be providing the requisite coverage before signing on as its customer. However, this is unlikely to affect the composition of telecom operators’ customers at large, the analyst added.
It is particularly useful for tourists who are visiting Pakistan and want to see what type of internet and telephone services are available in what regions. It would also be similarly useful for Pakistanis who are planning visits to remote areas of the country.
Federal IT and Telecom Secretary Saeed Ahmad Khan inaugurated the application during his visit to PTA headquarters in Islamabad in the presence of PTA Chairman Mohammed Yaseen.


  1. Its for customers, I hope people get benefit to this act.