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Apple's New iPhone 4S Suffers From Serious Battery Performance Issues

The launch of the original iPhone 4 was plagued with reports of antenna issues, and left many customers extremely disappointed. The problem was eventually resolved through modified housing that carried forward to the newly released iPhone 4S, but the newest model seems to also be suffering from it's own major performance issue, and that is its battery life.
The fix might be as simple as a software patch or some kind of special trick, but as it stands, it's a huge problem. There are already thousands upon thousands of posts in a thread entitled "iPhone 4s Battery Life?" on the official Apple support forums, with many unofficial test results and theories as to why the phone's battery life is lagging.
It seems that Apple knows about the issue, as it has been reported that the company's senior engineers had begun contacting users that complained about battery life issues. At the moment, though, there is no official fix.
One user reported that their iPhone 4s' battery was draining more than ten percent every hour, even in standby mode with special features like location services and Siri turned off. Others have reported dead phones after 4 hours with 60 percent battery life remaining.
The Guardian is reporting that a bug in iOS 5 having to do with Location Services may be to blame. The Setting Time Zone function appears to keep the location tracking hardware running constantly. Turning it off seems to have resolved the issue, but users will thus not receive automatic time zone changes when they enter a new time zone.


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