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Galaxy S II display not better than the Galaxy Nexus

amsung had announced the Galaxy Nexus recently and it had been received well by experts all over the world. This is the first smartphone in the world to feature Google’s new OS Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Though it has made waves around the world for its amazing specifications, reports are popping up that the display may not be as good as expected. The screen used on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a 4.6-inch 720p HD Super AMOLED display with an effective resolution of 1280 x 720. A report by FlatpanelsHD states that the Galaxy Nexus uses an OLED screen featuring a vast amount of pixels. The smartphone has 315 ppi (pixels per inch) which is lesser as compared to Samsung’s rival, the iPhone 4S which has 326 ppi.
Pixel density comparison
Pixel density comparison

The reason the site claims that the display of the Galaxy Nexus is not that great is because it features the PenTile technology on the HD Super AMOLED display as opposed to the Super AMOLED Plus found on the Samsung Galaxy S II. Samsung uses the word Plus to refer to full RGB displays wherein a single pixel uses Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels making the display of the S II better. The site states that in PenTile pixel structure, there is a loss of image sharpness and detail. Apart from that there is a greenish/ bluish tinge that appears on letters when the handset is held at an angle. They go on to state, “If you are keen on a Samsung smartphone you might even find that the screen in the Galaxy S II is better. But the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S still lead the pixel race. Some people say they never notice the PenTile pixel structure but it is just like a stain in a carpet; once you see it, it is hard to disregard.”

However, after comparing the pixel density of various handsets, a report by Anandtech states that the Galaxy Nexus’ HD Super AMOLED display is slightly better than the S II’s Super AMOLED Plus display with a full RGB stripe. They conclude by stating, “if you were satisfied with the pixel density of SGS2 that the pixel density Galaxy Nexus actually won't be off-putting despite the presence of PenTile.”

Source: http://tech2.in.com 


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