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Free Doman Name Registration Services

co.cc alternative
Today I really found something very interesting.Most of us are familiar with .co.cc free domain name registration service,but we are always looking for alternatives.Even i was looking out for free alternatives so  today i found 15 free alternative(domain name registration services and URL redirection services included in the list).OK i will quickly list the free alternatives.

Free Alternatives:
  1. www.uni.me
  2. www.co.tv (Website no longer active)
  3. www.freedomain.ce.ms  (Website no longer active)
  4. www.uni.cc   (Website no longer active)
  5. www.freedomain.co.nr
  6. www.dot.tk
  7. www.registry.cx.cc  (Website no longer active)
  8. smartdots.com
  9. www.biz.ly
  10. www.tipdots.com 
  11. www.cjb.net
  12. www.dyndns.com  
  13. us.cydots.com
  14. www.nic.de.vu
  15. www.dotfree.com
  16. www.com.co.in
  17. www…CU.CC
  18. www.Eu.org
  19. www.za.nic
  20. www.com.nu
  21. www.biz.nf

Enjoy! Feel free to post in your comments and suggestions.I will be happy if you comment.let me know your views


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing about these free sites for domain registration service. It is great help for individuals who want to register domain names but don't want to pay.

  2. Always people looking for free not only in domain name registration. Even I am searching for free alternatives. Thanks, I got it. Free domain search

  3. Domain name registration service is very popular and very competitive spectrum of online business. I at lest know around 100 domain name registrars so it might confusing to choose form the list. I personally feel that we should go for a local service provider to have better control and access to our domain name legally.