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How to Facebook Status via any device?

You might have seen your friends  update facebook status via iPhone 5 , Blackberry, iPhone 6 etc. How do they update facebook status via anything? Like from a device that they don’t have or from funny places etc.  Its very simple you just have to purchase iPhone 5  ,Blackberry and then update your FB status. LOL Kidding…  .If that was the case then it would cost you a fortune. There is an easy and no nonsense way of doing this.  Various sites on the internet help you update status. Like wise if you scroll down even you can update your facebook status via BleepingTech.
facebook status via
This is a 100% working trick which i found on the Internet  and wanted to share it with you guys. I’m sure once you update your status using this trick ,your friends would flood your wall with comments and likes

facebook status via
Use the below mentioned links to update your FB Status

Use this trick and fool your friends but make sure you share this post with them later. Please feel free to post your comments.  Thanks to my dear reader ‘Sander’ for updating me with  Via iPad Mini, iPhone 6, Apple iMac 27-inch, Ipin.

Source: Bleepingtech


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